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James Ribeiro - President

Mr. Ribeiro set out in 1995 to build a highly effective IT company that would deliver advanced information systems and financial software systems for Federal Government agencies. Under his guidance, Aspex has developed into a leader in building financial software systems as well as building database systems for the Defense and Intelligence Communities. While keeping the promise of delivering software systems on time and within budget, Mr. Ribeiro has also gained a reputation for delivering technologically effective results. This has resulted in Aspex winning contract renewals and upgrades for continued work on client projects.

Mr. Ribeiro has 30 years experience in the development of one-of-a-kind software systems. He served as the senior technology manager at TASC, where he was successful in the delivery of a collection tracking system. He established the Database Systems Laboratory at TASC.

Mr. Ribeiro was awarded a M.S.E. in Computer Science from the Moore School, University of Pennsylvania. He was also awarded a B.S. in Decision Sciences from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Ribeiro is the author of numerous publications on Database Technology. Some of these publications were delivered at technical conferences. Mr. Ribeiro presented a paper, Knowledge Discovery in Multiple Databases, at the First International Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Ribeiro has demonstrated the ability to provide clients with a unique mix of strategic vision and best practice techniques required to succeed in Federal Government contracting.

John Busavage - Vice President

Mr. Busavage joined Aspex in1996 after an accomplished career as an officer in the Coast Guard. He served 26 years in several director level positions in the Coast Guard before retiring as a Captain. He represented the USCG in numerous inter-agency councils, Congressional liaison roles, industry advisory groups' public appearances on environmental and crisis issues and the development/management of secure Coast Guard information systems. He also worked for several government contractors in project management roles before joining Aspex.

Mr. Busavage has a strong background in Instructional Systems Development, environmental protection, DoD/USCG secure information systems, and Federal Government budget/financial processes and systems. As the vice president at Aspex, Mr. Busavage assists Federal Government and commercial clients to reengineer existing information systems, to implement financial analysis and reporting systems, to establish innovative approaches to information management, imaging systems, and electronic commerce or data exchange and to enhance information sharing between industry, local, state and federal agencies, and the public.

Mr. Busavage earned his MBA from the University of Cincinnati. He also earned two MS degrees from the University of Connecticut in Physics and Environmental Science. He began his educational achievements with his graduation from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with a BS in Marine Engineering.

Mr. Busavage is credited with helping to build Aspex into a leader in two business areas: delivering information management systems to Federal Government agencies that produce excellent results in defending against terrorist and foreign threats and developing financial and budgeting systems for other Federal Government agencies.