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Aspex is a technologically proficient IT company. Our employees have extensive experience in information technology with strong educational qualifications. Examples of our educational achievements include: MS/BS Computer Science, MS Physics, and MBA Operations Research. This experience and training allows us not only to implement information technology solutions but provides the academic insight to understand the underlying problems and needs in client’s functional areas.

Aspex is proud of its accomplishments in the Intelligence Community. We have extensive knowledge and experience in working with such agencies as DIA, the CIA, the DoD and the military services.

Aspex is proud if our impeccable track record in Government contracting as it has been recognized for the consistent implementation of successful technical solutions delivered on time and within budget. In recent years, Aspex has converted many contracts, consistent with Government contracting trends, from the time and materials structure to firm fixed price. In addition, Aspex has always had outstanding past performance reviews.

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Database Design & Development

The use of databases is nearly universal in the development of current Information Technology systems. The diversity of database products and platforms makes the design and development of database systems a challenge. Aspex has the experience and tools necessary to implement viable, cost effective, database solutions for any customer requirement. An example of Aspex’s competency in database design and development is the development of a very large Intelligence database supporting tasking, collection, data fusion and analysis.

Highlights of our expertise:

Systems Engineering

As information technology systems become more and more complex, the importance of good systems engineering increases. Issues of portability, scalability, and security are just a few of the many areas that need to be considered when developing or maintaining a system. Aspex's expertise in systems engineering can ensure quality throughout every phase of the development life cycle. This includes: requirements analysis, design, development, testing, acceptance, maintenance, and re-engineering.

Business Process Re-engineering
System Architecture Design and Development
Standard Life Cycle

Software Engineering

Today's software systems need to be distributed, scalable, secure and reliable. Most centralized systems have migrated to n-tier architectures. As a result, web enabled applications are now standard practice. Aspex is proficient and experienced in meeting the software engineering challenge with the latest structured programming methodologies that might include virtual technology and cloud networks.

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